Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Google Docs PDF Viewer can open files, PPT, doc and docx in Android, iPhone and iPad

Last week, the Google team has just announced that Google Docs document viewer supports the doc and docx. And on June 28, Google also released a mobile version of Google Docs viewer for Android, iPhone and iPad to help you view PDF files, ppt, doc and. Docx files you have uploaded to the list of your documents, without need to download the file.

With this mobile version of the viewer you can quickly switch between pages and pan / zoom within a page. On the iPhone and iPad, you can pinch / pinch to enlarge or reduce.

You can try it by going to on your device that uses the Android operating system, iPad or iPhone and select the document in a format that you have previously uploaded.

Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Samsung Captivate Android phone with AMOLED Screen SUPER 4 Inches

Want to search for the phone to a smartphone with a large screen HD content to watch videos or play games? There hp latest android has been developed by Samsung Captivate 1.2 Android operating system but unfortunately this product will be developed jointly with AT & T that is slowly but surely began to develop a smartphone with Android systems in addition to offering the iPhone in America.

Captivate Samsung phone offers augmented reality experience with her screen Browser Reality. Samsung also complement this with mDNIe hp (mobile Digital Natural Image Engine) Technology that promises to display videos and images clearer and sharper.

Captivate Samsung Specifications are:

  • SUPER AMOLED Touchscreen for four "which provides 20% brighter display, and 20% power savings. This product is also 80% reduced reflections in direct sunlight so that the display remains clear even under sunlight.
  • Samsung Hummingbird 1GHz Processor
  • 2.1 Android operating system comes with applications feature "Social Hubs" that takes information from social networking like Facebook and Twitter and show it in a convenient display views
  • Internal memory 16 GB
  • 5 MP camera capable of recording high definition video
  • 720p video capture
  • Bluetooth 3.0 and high speed 3G
  • Connectivity 7.2Mbps HSPA, Wi-Fi

Samsung Captivate represents a new generation of smartphones that enable consumers to interact with their devices in everyday life. Information about pricing yet given AT & T and next month already exists in the retail AT & T.

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Latest Slim Tower Desktop PC Lenovo H320

Lenovo has recently launched its latest desktop PC is Lenovo H320 which has the slender body and shaped tower. This PC is small size but have a pretty good specification is strengthened by the I3 Intel Core processors, memory up to 8GB RAM and Intel HD integrated graphics. About storage, this pc has 640 GB hard drive and DVD burner as well.

Lenovo H320 supports Wifi and Ethernet LAN. There was also a new PC is equipped with 8-in-1 card reader, six USB ports and HDMI output. planed this product was launched in June with a starting price of 549 USD.

Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

New Samsung mobile phone W960 with 3D AMOLED display

Samsung which is said to have become the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the U.S. very quickly innovate with the launch of Samsung SCH-W960 with AMOLED display that does not require 3D glasses to enjoy 3Dnya effects.

By GSMArena, we found information that Samsung W960 mobile phone 3D AMOLED is the CDMA mobile phone with 3.2-inch AMOLED touch screen with WQVGA resolution, 3.2 MP camera, 3G HSDPA, DMB-T TV tuner, bluetooth, microSD. To display uses Samsung's TouchWiz 2.0.

You can enable 3D mode with a special key. Currently Samsung AMOLED 3D are still limited in South Korea and will be launched in the second quarter of this year 2010.

Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

Symbian Foundation Announces Web Toolkit app for Symbian 3rd

Symbian Foundation has released a web application development tool for the Symbian mobile platform open source 3.

According to them, anyone can create web pages can create applications for Symbian 3rd because the skills they need is just a standard tool such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Javascript API available to access contact data, camera, accelerometer and location. This application is available both for Windows, Mac or Linux. Currently only the Nokia N8 phones that support Symbian 3rd.

You can download a web app for Symbian 3rd this toolkit at:

Sabtu, 24 April 2010

Sharp Tablet PC NetWalker-T1

hart just been informed of new portable computers based on Ubuntu that is NetWalker in Japan. This new device called the PC-T1 and has the form of tablets. This device replaces the previous PC-Z1 has a netbook with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

For this new text input using handwriting recognition and a virtual QWERTY keyboard although we can also use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Size is a 5-inch touchscreen display with a screen resolution of 1024 × 600 and LED technology. ARM processor is a 800MHz Freescale CPU i.MX515 with 512 MB of RAM and 8GB flash memory. There's also a USB port, miniUSB for charging, icroSDHC memory card slot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1.

Operating system Ubuntu 9.04 faces made with a special display from Sharp and it involves the application of FireFox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice. This device can also read XMDF ebook format, and Sharp already includes 101 ebook. Long battery life of approximately six hours and includes a stylus. Colors can be selected for PC-T1 is a silver or black.

Price less than 500 USD which will be marketed in Japan this coming May.

Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Integrated 3D glasses ViewSonic DLP 3D Links

3D display technology that brings has grown rapidly and has become a phenomenon lately. Given the different menus than usual, the technology that makes this one a lot of things to find.

Related to that, recently has been present device Active Stereographic 3D Shutter glasses from ViewSonic in the market. This device was designed for use with DLP projector device-ready-made 3D Links ViewSonic. These 3D glasses offer an effective use of distance as far as 50 feet, the contrast ratio of 1000:1 and TN type LCD shutter.

In addition, ViewSonic PGD-150 is made using a durable plastic material, and designed waterproof and dustproof. These glasses are required two CR2032 batteries for operation, which can survive up to 70 hours if used continuously. For those who want to feel and experience the sensation of 3D, the device can make a reservation on the Amazon site with the price range of 89 USD.